Motel livin’

Checked in to the Knight’s Inn, Miamisburg (according to the receipt) or West Carrolton (according to the water tower right across the street.) Conveniently placed on I-75 in the same lot as a Perkins and a Bob Evans. Good eatin’ guaranteed. And I spotted something else just down the road that I’ll post later when I have a pic. A few antennae on cars in the lot here, even 15 miles outside of town. All the nearby hotels were filled weeks ago.

The room smells overpoweringly of soap/detergent/carpet cleaner. There is a ‘fridge and an unplugged microwave and just enough outlets for all my gadgets and their chargers. The outlet nearest the desk is dead and my laptop died just as I was logging in. Argh. The lamp that was plugged in there has a broken switch, too.

I completely forgot I’d be on Eastern time here, so it’s 6:30pm already. Despite this I made it to the ‘fest on time and picked up my passes for tomorrow. I toured the grounds where people were already selling their junk, but haven’t bought anything yet. I spotted a nice Vax 4000/600 that would fit nicely in the car, but the seller wasn’t around to give me a price. Judging from his other prices ($25 for a Commodore 1541) I probably won’t want it. I remember this guy from last year, though. I bought (and never used) a lot of glassware from him.

I have until 8pm to go back and drop off my stuff to sell, but I’d rather eat now and do that in the morning. All day I’ve eaten a blueberry muffin, some trail/fruit mix and a Power Bar. It’s time for a real meal.

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