First day down

Back at the hotel now, a little sunburned and some swollen feet, but holding up. Drove around looking for lunch but found nothing that struck me, so my hunger and desire to nap are locked in battle. I think the sleep will win out right now. If I don’t sleep too long I’ll wake up rested and hungry.

The ‘fest is a little disappointing, as last year. No incredible “find” yet to make it worth the travel and expense (which is supposed to be an end unto itself, I know.) Today brought a couple CoCo accessories (a modem and an expander cart,) a Western Electric 556a KSU (controller for old office phone system,) a pair of HP 94 industrial computers with no power supplies and a very old HP 8″ floppy drive (“Flexible Disk.”) The model # isn’t handy as it’s still out in the car, but it’s safe to assume I will never attach it to anything. But when has that stopped me from buying 31 year old hardware?

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