First day down

Today went better than expected, given the hellride of yesterday and little sleep that followed. Made it to work around 9:15, got most everything done in the first day, and was able to leave by 5:30 or so, lunch leftovers in hand. I headed back up the 101 and decided that if I stopped back at the hotel I’d lie down and sleep away the evening, so I kept on moving toward San this and El that, finally finding the mythical Fry’s Electronics in Sunnyvale. Well, it’s just another Fry’s. Maybe a bit bigger than the one at home. Eh. But – while in line (I needed an audio cable to use my mp3 player in the CD player-less rental car) I found they have licorice Altoids, which I had assumed were now extinct. I bought two cans.

After that non-adventure I got back on 101 and headed south toward more Sans and Els. Scenery started to get slightly hillier and greener, but I started to get sleepier, so I turned off [somewhere I can neither recall nor find on the map] and toured around a more-or-less scenic road. It wasn’t long until I was lost, so I engaged the GPS and eventually found my back to the area of the airport and the below-pictured hot dog stand.

And that was enough for today. Bedtime is soon, lest I repeat today’s stamina-free performance.

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