Friday night

Yesterday was a slow work day but everything that needed to be done got done. I had planned after work to stop by a couple surplus stores along 101 and then head down to Santa Cruz to see the sea, but like most things those plans didn’t work out. I did drive quite a bit, however. I was looking for a way to get near the bay shore and ended up quite accidentally at the Googleplex, where a sampling of the parking lot traffic led me to conclude that Google’s primary hiring criteria is “attractive East Asian under 25.” (Note: update resume when I get home.)

I drove further up 101, still looking for water. I passed Moffet Field and its enormous hangars. Moving toward San Francisco I spotted a sign for Half Moon Bay, down CA-92. I had been there in 2003 and figured it couldn’t be far, and it definitely had water. I hopped on that and withing a few minutes figured out I had gone the wrong way, and was about to cross the Bay on the giant San Mateo bridge (which is more of a causeway, really.) I managed one picture from the car (posted below) and watched the water and waves as I crossed the big blue area on the GPS map. That landed me in Hayward, where I decided I was tired of driving (and driving the wrong way) and it was time to head home. There was a toll to go back the other way on the bridge, but fortunately I-880 was right there, and it took me directly back to SJC (after some rush-hour traffic fun.)

I spent the rest of the evening not eating enough, watching Stargate Atlantis and catching up on web reading. Eventually I got so hungry I had to go out in search of the chows. The hotel restaurant across the road was closed, so it was back in the car toward the only food I’ve seen around here – Wienerschnitzel. I detoured into downtown San Jose and got caught in the weekend nightclub traffic, turned away by a roadblock near the HP Pavilion, and for the first time here got chilly enough to put on a jacket (it’s only 63 right now.) Back at the hotel with a chicken corn dog and a cheeseburger I was finally ready for sleep around 2am local time.

So that wasn’t a good way to start a long day of driving and tours, but here I am. I’ve visited the free breakfast bar downstairs and put down a hearty pile of blueberry muffin, cream of wheat, sausage, toast and orange juice, which is more food before noon than I’ve had in months. I’d really like to just go back to bed now (woke up around 7am here, too hungry to go back to sleep) but this is my last day to see anything, the weather is perfect, and I’ve got a full list in front of me. First stop is the CHM, which should provide plenty of photos. Some shopping, landmark-spotting and better eating is also on the plan, with Santa Cruz being the optional late-afternoon goal.

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