Christmas SGI Haul

Operation Crimson has ended. Bounty collected is as follows:

SGI Crimson Elan/Server (it’s got both labels – maybe upgraded from Server to Elan gfx option?)
SGI Indigo2 (teal) with xZ gfx option
– SGI Indigo2 (teal) with unknown gfx option
– SGI Indigo2 (purple) with xL graphics and FDDI card

There was supposed to be an SGI O2 as well, but it went missing, so in its place was:
– HP 88780B 9-Track open-reel tape drive!

I think that’s a fair trade-up from the O2. It’s monstrously heavy, but, assuming it works, I have now been mired another step deeper into the pit of vintage computing. Now to get it hooked up to something that can read those old tapes I’ve been storing for years. Wonder if there is any Windows software that will support it?

I don’t go back to work for another two weeks, so sometime soon I’ll be sorting these machines out and figuring out what I have. The I2s will likely be traded off if they’re of lesser spec than the ones already in the collection.

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