Operation: Defrag

It’s time to get the house in order. There’s the basement, the garage, the office, the office closet. I want to stack like with like – a shelf of Kaypros, a shelf of DEC stuff, a shelf (or three) for Commodore. I’m not sure, short of inventorying everything (not going to happen until it’s organized) and mapping it all out in Visio first, if this plan will work. So I will employ a more haphazard algorithm, one common to many human endeavors: I’ll just start doing it, hope for the best and make it up as I go.

What can I store safely out in the garage? It will be subject to some great temperature swings (it probably doesn’t get more than a couple degrees off the house heat) but it’s mainly dry. I’ve had terminals, desktops, routers, etc out there for couple years with no visible damage. I guess the easy answer is “the cheap stuff.” So I’ll be moving the SOL-20, etc inside…

Pictures when it’s all done? Sure. But it will never be done!

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