Sun-1 Board Inventory

Thanks to some very helpful people who have encountered these beasts before, I have learned much about the Sun-1 era chassis I wrote about in the last post.  And yet, there is much to be learned.  I will be posting all I know when I think I have learned all there is to know.  In the meantime, I have inventoried the Multibus cards in the chassis and have charted them here and uploaded detailed photos here.

Most of the part numbers check out against other Sun-1 and Sun-2 examples found online.  The Xylogics board looks a little different than the ones I found but it may just be an earlier revision (it is marked as “Rev A.”)  The 3COM Multibus Ethernet board is marked only “Assy 0111-01” but, comparing it to the examples found, should be a 3C400.

While the CPU board is definitely a Sun-2, I don’t know which specific board it is, other than its part number of 270-1007-04 (also known as 500-1007-05.)  It is probably an upgrade from an original Sun-1 CPU board but it is possible that the machine was configured as a -2 (making it a 150U, in Sun terms) at the factory.  However the number plate calls the model “RM-CC” (Rack Mount Card Cage,) not 150 or 150U.  It has an early serial number, so it is possible that the naming paradigm wasn’t established at that point.  No one knows for sure what went on back then.

The last card, in slot 15, I am unable to positively identify.  It is an early Sun monochrome card but I can find no part number on it or match it to any photos of the other Sun mono cards of that time.

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