Closest thing we have in the Midwest to a Weird Stuff.

** UPDATE **

The Haul:

IBM Model M “Industrial” version (grey color)

SQ312RD drive/SQ200 cartridge – an MFM Syquest drive? Yes!

5.25″ Bernoulli drive (SCSI)

50′ (?) DEC AUI network cable and a smaller one

A bunch of 8″ floppy disks, some 3M and some individually packaged pre-formatted ones.

Some odd IBM serial cables with huge molded connectors

Ameritech Cellular sales tape (Wisconsin market)

3x IBM CGA video cards

Some kind of ISA Twinax card (terminal emulator for System/36? network?)

Not a bad haul and better than most hamfests I’ve been to in the last five years. Of course, none of their stock will be replenished any time soon, so it’s kind of a one-time deal.

ECCC 2008 Photos

My camera was not on duty due to forgotten batteries, so I only snapped a few pics with the Blackberry:

Mike Lee has a few more here.

Also, note the new link in the roll at right – I’ve started cataloging my hardware collection again. It’s a sizable list as of tonight, and nowhere near done.